Customer Reviews

The service and food was great!  Thank you for the on-board credit ($37.50) per person. I will call and discuss our next cruise plan with you later for 2018, or 2019. Thanks for all your help!

Bobbie P. - Grand Saline, TX: January 22, 2017 | Western Caribbean

I usually do not give all 5's (on a scale from 1 to 5), but all was super!  You people did a great job. We had a few nitpicking on this end, but it all worked out.  Thank you, again, and yes, we will use your services in the future.  We do not have a date set up yet, but we are working on it.

Ed F. - Ft. Myers, FL: January 7, 2017 | Eastern Caribbean
Stephanie is the greatest!  She is a star!  Cherie is also the greatest!
Eleanor K. - New York, NY: October 29, 2016 | Hawaii
Grand American reps return calls, show much patience, and Kim made my job so much easier.
Carol R. - Millsboro, DE: October 22, 2016 | Bahamas
I think the people at Grand American are the best!  I love their patience when I call and ask questions.  Thanks for everything!  I'm sure we will be doing more business in the future.
Toni H. - Gloversville, NY: October 21, 2016 | California Coastal
I enjoy working with the staff at Grand American.  I always get a person when I call.  My concerns are answered promptly.
Ruth B. - Louisville, KY: October 19, 2016 | Panama Canal
Thanks!  We love working with you!
Bobbie R. - Cherry Tree, PA: October 16, 2016 | Bermuda
All that I talked with at Grand American were great.  Love the attention to detail and exceptional services.
Fred W. - Dallas, TX: October 13, 2016 | Canada & New England
Wonderful people to work with!  Working with Cherie on cruises with Carnival next fall.
Johanna F. - Conway, SC: October 9, 2016 | Panama Canal
Kim and Stephanie really coordinated well our departure dates.  Travelers were relieved and pleased we decided to fly a day early (a lot less stress.)  Many thanks to all!
Laura H. - Seabrook, TX: October 9, 2016 | Panama Canal
Please know that Stephanie and Cherie go out of their way to make every aspect of our tour great.  I work with many companies and find they both are trustworthy and dedicated to their customers.  They are always there when I need them.  You have great employees!
Peter L. - Lubbock, TX: October 8, 2016 | Panama Canal
As always the team at Grand American tours and Cruises provided our group with superior assistance and support from the first day to the last day of our trip!  A special "thank you" to reservations, Cherie and Cathy, for always addressing my concerns and questions as important no matter how trivial they may have seemed to me.
Linda J. - Jefferson, MD: October 2, 2016 | Canada & New England
Grand American staff were totally awesome and I hope to continue to have a long relationship with them.
Andrea L. - Brownwood, TX: September 23, 2016 | Canada & New England

I talked to one couple who went on the New England cruise and they were well pleased with the trip.  All positive comments - no negatives.  You all have always served our group well and I do appreciate that.  You're there for us and that means a lot.  Hope this helps.  And more of our members will take advantage of the future cruises.

Frieda P. - Gaithersburg, MD: September 15, 2016 | Canada & New England
The passengers who went loved the ship.  They loved the presentations of the ports made on the ship.  Thanks for everything!
Kim M. - Jeffersonville, IN: September 9, 2016 | Hawaii
You are the best!
Carol P. - Milford, MI: September 8, 2016 | Italy & Greek Isles

I will definitely recommend your company to others.  Everything was great on this cruise. We were treated very well by all employees both on land and sea.  Princess Cruises limo was always at our service and so helpful.  Would love to go again in a few years.  A lot of us had jet lag upon returning, but that is to be expected.  Thanks for everything!

Carol S - Harrisburg, PA: September 4, 2016 | Alaska
This trip was fabulous!  It was a very busy schedule, but one does not go to NYC to relax.  It's a place to "go, go, go", and we did!  Thanks for all the hard work!
Shellie G. - Leonardtown, MD: July 14, 2016 | New York City

Our group of 8 had a wonderful time!  Several booked excursions and some found their own mode of transportation and explored the area on their own.  We enjoyed meeting at our table every night for dinner and talking about what we had seen at the places we were visiting.  The food on the ship was delicious!  Our water made us feel like we were at home.  He greeted us by name and took care of all our needs and wants.  The ship is beautiful and the room was very spacious.  The trip was enjoyed by all!  Thanks for having the shuttle service arranged for us.  They were friendly and on time.  Thanks to all at Grand American tours for making our trip one we will remember.
Vi S. - Denham Springs, LA: June 23, 2016 | Canada & New England
What a wonderful trip we had to Alaska.  We were, of course, a bit tired by the time we arrived to Hotel Capt. Cook...after a good meal and look around, we were ready for a good night's rest.  The breakfast was great.  Wonderful service.  Our motor coaches were ready and all groups were "on the road again."  We arrived at the train station and we were assigned to specific coaches and also had assigned seats.  There were no bad seats.  Perfect views no matter what your seat number.  Wonderful staff.  Catered to our every wish.  We saw moose, eagles, and lots of wildlife.  Denali Park is the best park ever.  Hardy souls visit year round.  Our transfer to the ship went well.  Glad we did land first.  Were able to rest while sailing.  Service onboard was great, especially our dining wait staff (Edwin) and crew were great.  I can't stop talking about the trip.  Worth every penny!
Jeannie M. - Bronx, NY: May 29, 2016 | Alaska
Kim was a perfect representative for Grand American Tours.  She is kind, friendly, and efficient.
Peggy W. - Kansas City, MO: May 29, 2016 | Alaska
A very good cruise; all the airline connections were on time - surprise!  My group enjoyed it very much.
Betty B. - Florence, AL: April 12, 2016 | Caribbean

Thank you and your staff for being so efficient and easy to work with.  We really appreciate the effort you put into making sure we have our documents in a timely manner and all details are completed prior to our trip.

Childlene B. - Easton, MD: April 10, 2016 | Bermuda
I have used Grand American Tours for 10 years.  Cherie helped me with a tour to Washington, D.C., and I have enjoyed her help on my trips since then.
Ted E. - Keller, TX: April 9, 2016 | New York
Talked to the couple who took this cruise and are seasoned travelers, and they said it was fantastic
Janet A. - Orangeburg, SC: April 4, 2016 | Panama Canal
Everyone on your staff is very efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to assist any way possible to make the cruise nice.  Thank all involved for their assistance.  We will be using your company for a trip very soon.
Bob W. - Washington, D.C.: April 3, 2016 | Eastern Caribbean
Everyone at Grand American ALWAYS does a wonderful job to help me have a successful cruise!!  Thank you!!
Linda J. - Jefferson, MD: March 2, 2016 | Panama Canal
Keep up the great work!
Carol P. - Milford, MI: February 14, 2016 | Hawaii
Thanks for changing our flights plans.  Those flying through Baltimore were 4 days late getting to the cruise.  Great trip!
Ann & Bob B. - Troy, OH: January 24, 2016 | Panama Canal

We are a senior travel so we need the best deals on our trips (fixed income).  I want all travelers to be able to go with us.  I love Grand American.  They always check prices locally.

Olga C. - Harkers Heights, TX: January 16, 2016 | Caribbean




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