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Cities of Light

Viking River Cruises on the Viking Alsvin

October 24 - November 4, 2018
12 Days / 11 Nights

(From Prague to Paris)

Air to depart the US on October 23rd to arrive in Prague on the 24th

 Prague, Czech Rebublic ~ Nuremberg, Germany ~ Bamberg, Germany ~ Wurzburg, German ~ Heidelberg, Germany ~ Mainz, Germany ~
Cochem, Germany ~ Trier, Germany ~ Luxembourg, City, Luxembourg ~ Paris, France


Sail Europe’s most iconic rivers: the Main, lined with quaint villages; the castle-studded Rhine; and the Moselle with its steep vineyards. Explore Prague’s Lobkowicz Palace on a Privileged Access tour designed for us by Prince William. Delve into Nuremberg’s history at Nuremberg Castle and the former Nazi Rally Grounds. Taste legendary Moselle Rieslings. Savor Czech, German and French cuisine. This 12-day journey celebrates Europe’s most luminous ports.