Jeannie M. - Bronx, NY: May 29, 2016 | Alaska

What a wonderful trip we had to Alaska.  We were, of course, a bit tired by the time we arrived to Hotel Capt. Cook...after a good meal and look around, we were ready for a good night's rest.  The breakfast was great.  Wonderful service.  Our motor coaches were ready and all groups were "on the road again."  We arrived at the train station and we were assigned to specific coaches and also had assigned seats.  There were no bad seats.  Perfect views no matter what your seat number.  Wonderful staff.  Catered to our every wish.  We saw moose, eagles, and lots of wildlife.  Denali Park is the best park ever.  Hardy souls visit year round.  Our transfer to the ship went well.  Glad we did land first.  Were able to rest while sailing.  Service onboard was great, especially our dining wait staff (Edwin) and crew were great.  I can't stop talking about the trip.  Worth every penny!